How to Sell Your Valuable Bottle?

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Well there are a few options:

  • We buy your investment grade or collectable bottles outright for a wholesale price and we will retail the bottles at the price we think they can sell. You deliver the bottles to our warehouse on conisignment and a PayPal transfer is paid as soon as the bottles are checked, approved and sold.  You must download print and complete a Consignment Form and send with your bottle/s.

    You must deliver the bottle to us prior to us listing it on the website or selling via auction and we will take care of shipping the bottle to the customer at no charge to you. If the bottle does not sell we will return it to you at no charge. The bottle/s will be held securely here at MyBottleShop and will be insured against theft or damage. Download a Consignment Form Please note: MyBottleShop only remits via PayPal.  Please note there is a $45 per bottle holding fee if your bottle/s don’t sell or you withdraw them from sale.
  • We value your rare bottle or collection at $20 per bottle or $10 per bottle for more that 25 bottles.  For large collections please request a valuation quote by emailing

Sell bottles on consignment

We sell your bottles on consignment using our liquor licence (since it’s against the law to sell alcohol without a liquor licence).  We charge 27.5% commission (that includes GST of 2.5%) on the sale of your bottle. You deliver the bottles to our warehouse, we photograph the bottles if required, and then list the bottles for sale. When they sell we pay you the retail amount less our commission and less GST. Remember that 10% of our sale price is remitted to the Australian government as Goods and Service Tax. You may decide the retail price or you can leave it to us to decide the maximum amount may retail for. Remember this is a fluid process and in the end, a bottle is only worth what someone will pay for it, but it is in both our interests to get the maximum amount for your bottle. MyBottleShop has in excess of 80,000 members and more than 3000 people per day visit our website, so there is a large audience to ensure your bottle sells quickly if the price is right.

Auction your bottles

We auction your bottles either with a reserve starting price or with no reserve. We use eBay to auction bottles. Since you legally must have a liquor license to sell alcohol, eBay only allows sellers with a real and valid liquor licence number. It’s also illegal to privately sell liquor In all States of Australia. This is a safe and legal way for you to sell your bottle. You can decide on a reserve price but please keep in mind that bottles with a reserve price are much less likely to sell. Customers prefer to start at $1 and bid their way up. Once the auction is complete and the buyer pays you will receive the proceeds net of our commission and any eBay fees. You must deliver the bottle to us prior to the action starting and we will take care of shipping the bottle to the customer at no charge to you.