Bottle Collections

Immediately Seeking Collections in Australia

If you live in Australia we are looking for bottles collections you are interested in selling. It can be hard moving and selling a large collection, but if you have a large collection of whisky, bourbon, rum, scotch, cognac or wine we can help make it easy for you to sell all in one transaction. No collection is too big to handle and interested parties only need to email to get a discussion started or if you are looking to find out more information.

Selling a Large Collection Made Easy

With connections we have made at SellMyBottle, we can make it easy to link you up with parties buying large bottle collections. It takes the hassle off of legally selling your valuable collection, in many cases, we will come to you for quick payment and to gather the bottles. Further removing the work of securely packaging those fragile items and protecting you from worrying about the issues that arise from shipping.

So let us know if you have a collection you’re looking to sell by emailing or by filling out the collection contact form located on this website and we will get you connected to interested parties.