Terms and Conditions

Typically, it works like this: You consign your bottle to us for sale. We use our liquor licence, e-commerce platforms and customer base to sell your bottle on your behalf. Typically you nominate the bottle selling price in collaboration with professional advice from us. We may buy your bottles outright in certain circumstances. You deliver the bottles to our Sydney warehouse based in Hans Place Marrickville. 

There are a few conditions that you should be aware of before proceeding further:

1. We chiefly deal in whisky, wine, rum, and cognac but we’re happy to consider any spirit, wine, port or liqueur that may have value.

2. We are selling the bottles on consignment for you.  This means that You own the bottles until such time as the buyer accepts full satisfaction with the purchase transaction.  We deem this to be 14 days after the buyer has received delivery of the bottle/s unless the buyer advises us within that timeframe there is a problem with the bottle. 

Any values quoted on this form do NOT include selling fees; which are: 

35% plus GST for bottles $200 – $500 (we don’t accept bottles less than $200 value)

30% plus GST for bottles $500 – $2000

20% plus GST for bottles $2000 – $5000

15% plus GST for bottles over $5000

3. Please allow at least one week for a response when you submit your bottles for sale.

4. Most bottles are only accepted on a Consignment Basis. In some cases, we will buy bottles or collections on an outright basis. Bear in mind that you will likely receive less money for an outright sale compared to a consignment sale.

5. To submit a bottle for consideration, please include photos that show bottle(s) standing upright, fill level, label, and seal condition along with any boxes/certificates. Any significant damage should be noted. We may respond with requests for more photos.

6. You must always send in your bottle with the completed SellMyBottle Consignment Form. Please make sure you include all your details including address and contact details. We are required by law to collect certain information from you before we list your bottle for sale.

7. All consignments and/or offers are based on you shipping to us at your expense and risk. You should pack your bottle very carefully, use a reputable courier, and where possible insure the parcel. All items are subject to a final condition check by us before a consignment is accepted or a payment is made. If the condition is found to be poorer than described, a new offer will be made.

8. If items are damaged in transit a new offer will be made or the original offer cancelled. Items will be returned at the sender’s expense. SellMyBottle is not liable for any item damaged in transit. 

9. If items not accepted for sale are left for more than two weeks without the consent of SellMyBottle, they will be considered abandoned goods and the property of mybottleshop.com.

10. In some circumstances, we may consider exchanging your bottle for one or more of our bottles. We call this the Exchange Service.

11. If you withdraw your bottle from sale there will be a $50 storage fee charged per bottle. This is not negotiable.

12. All bottles held on consignment by us are stored in lockup steel storage cabinets in an alarmed secure facility that has advanced CCTV and security monitoring. The storage premises are climate controlled. The premises are further secured by a back-to-base alarm system. All bottles are covered by our in-house insurance policy, giving you the security that your bottle is both protected and insured.

13. Payment is via PayPal only. We will require photo identification before payment is made.

14. Payment is made within 21 days of the bottle being sold and the sale completed to the purchasing customer’s satisfaction. Given that consigned bottles are considered to be “second hand”, we allow 7 days from receipt of the bottle for the customer to indicate they are satisfied with the condition of the bottle and at that time the sale is deemed to be complete. That being the case you should allow 21 days from sale for payment to be made. In most cases payment is made earlier than this. You must supply us with a PayPal address for payment.  We will send you the payment as “Family and Friends” meaning there is no charge for you to receive your payment.  

15. We take responsibility for all packing, handling, and packaging fees. Shipping costs are included in our commission.

16. Insurance and safe, locked, alarmed, and CCTV storage is included in our commission.

17. In the unlikely event that we damage your bottle or it is lost or damaged in transit when WE ship the bottle, we will pay you the sale price less the application commission.

18. You are responsible for safely shipping your bottle/s to us ready for sale. 

19. All bottles over $500 in value must be photographed and attract a photography fee of $50 per bottle. This fee will be deducted from your final payout.  

20. All list prices assume a good saleable condition for the bottle/s and the bottle/s must not be opened nor have a broken seal. 

21. All consignment sales are subject to final approval upon receipt of the consignment.

22. All inquiries should be directed to getmoney@sellmybottle.com.au

Terms and Conditions of Agreement 

This is a binding agreement between SellMyBottle and You. By consigning your bottles to us, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.